29 January 2008

Stone Bridge

I've began taking photos of the Bellaire Stone Bridge at the end of 1972 when I entered The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.
The Stone Train Bridge in Bellaire, Ohio U.S.A. is sort of an icon in the community and was constructed at the end of the Civil War 1865. 

30 September 2007

Boggs Island

Boggs Island was as much a place on the planet as much a state of mind, a camaraderie amongst pals of an era gone by yet lives very much in our hearts. Elvis was appearing on the charts as were the Chipmonks and rolled-up skin-tight blue jeans and crew-cuts. Tin Can Alley Ole Ole in free. Boggs was where we scampered to after class to swing off the rope dangling from a tall oak skinny-dipping in the Ohio. The hillside above where we lived in the burgh known as The All American Town on Guernsey, Jefferson, Noble. A hillside above railroads busily hauling black gold of our era and iron ore, less often transport cars. Boggs was a meeting place for best of friends to plan the building of our turf which became a track for field sports, fishing, and swimming. Kreiter, Hill, Van Camp, Marling, Busby, Newell, Blanchard, Merritt, Mc Cormack, Dobson, Dutcher, Haught, Sherwood, Irwin, Erazmus, La Roche, Nichols, to remember a few of those Boggs graduates.

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