30 September 2007

Boggs Island

Boggs Island was as much a place on the planet as much a state of mind, a camaraderie amongst pals of an era gone by yet lives very much in our hearts. Elvis was appearing on the charts as were the Chipmonks and rolled-up skin-tight blue jeans and crew-cuts. Tin Can Alley Ole Ole in free. Boggs was where we scampered to after class to swing off the rope dangling from a tall oak skinny-dipping in the Ohio. The hillside above where we lived in the burgh known as The All American Town on Guernsey, Jefferson, Noble. A hillside above railroads busily hauling black gold of our era and iron ore, less often transport cars. Boggs was a meeting place for best of friends to plan the building of our turf which became a track for field sports, fishing, and swimming. Kreiter, Hill, Van Camp, Marling, Busby, Newell, Blanchard, Merritt, Mc Cormack, Dobson, Dutcher, Haught, Sherwood, Irwin, Erazmus, La Roche, Nichols, to remember a few of those Boggs graduates.

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